Studio Workout Vol. 1

by Devin KKenny



released December 10, 2010

cover by Brandon Coley Cox




Devin KKenny New York

for booking or more information :
Devin Kenny is an interdisciplinary artist
LA/NYC/??? working in several mediums and in collaboration with a number of artist groups.

‘Devin KKenny’ is a musical alias that seeks to explore issues of sociopolitical import and formal inquiry as they exist within the world of musical recording and performing.
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Track Name: dreamz
I had this dream from community college to the big time, on grind like a diamond min or a coffee factory, cross-country with haters after me but I’m laughing the last laugh as enemies cross paths with friends and friends get thrown off-track and then, I get all the answers that I need, cuz when I wake, I’m still compelled by the dream. It’s like the thread that makes a seam, you can’t see it, but you know things ain’t always what they seem and since that’s fact, I rap to rip open the seams. True story, based on actual events, names changed to protect the innocent, you gotta have that spark , keep it under the hood if you wanna get out of the hood…even if you don’t.
Track Name: drifting away rmx
I know you all can see me… “keeping tabs”…in firefox. [And] hitting me up after all these years. [We were] Co-workers at the yoga spot..[and] not on friendly terms. And I would play it off when you said you’re in town. But now I’m losing the will. I got too much real, and too much skill to waste [on this]. I feel like I’m drifting away. I feel like I’m drifting away.

No more time for fake:
1. fake smiles, baked or half-baked,
2.  laugh fake in my face, How does the piss taste cuz you said it’s rain? [Or the] spit made to icing on cupcakes? But what takes courage is to face the pain.
Face the pain and change for the better

 And I thread my eyebrows. “Hi! Wow!” no raised eyebrows being held back because it seemed you spelled crack A-N-S-W-E-R, or at least that’s how you act to me so far. I got a new life, and I don’t need a car, but if I get one I’m drifting away
Track Name: escape
And you wish
wish you could escape!!

Blame your taste, blame your faith, blame your language, blame your race, blame your time, blame your place. But you know my art’s running shit, you run in place. You runnin shit? Diarrhea on the canvas, I kill a future father figure a fuckin prayin mantis, no black widow , I get dough and demand it. I earn compliments, and backhand the backhanded.  Your review’s written in sanskrit, my coming’s written in sanskrit,  and  hieroglyphs , prophesied in Atlantis. You try to cum and say it’s sanskrit my menstrual spells out your doom in no uncertain terms, if you could read ancient sanskrit. Man… shit! I’m eatin yall denigrated persons. Ever seen a woman’s shit of a man? Shit. I’m damn ripped: [a] Hard body  cuttin' thru like Lucio Fontana. Peace to the Slits. no Schlitz malt liquor. But I’m a licker ha ha ha ha
Track Name: feel the wave
Ya think shit’s gonna stay stagnant ? Ha ha. I think it’s swell. Feel the wave. It’s comin’, I’m surfin’ it. No wax. React. Or be left behind de-fac-to. Here’s thee facts:

Every movement that I make inspires a new movement that I make with the tools I choose, I’m choosin’ my tools like Home Improvement.  Same T alliteration. I got my crew, I got my fam, New England: a little nation. The sun’ll never set on us, until all of us have met honors, crowd diving into wet donors and patrons  that have yet to bust and they’re feelin’ blue balls for blue chip type trade.  painting as a dialog times ten tirade. I’m paid, yes everyday even more so, it’s my world tho, and I ain’t Bobby Bordo. Tameka, great to meet ya.
Track Name: fine night tonight
Feelin’ like I gotta decompress. Stuffit expander up in this bitch.
Unwind. Unravel. Treat it like the end of the semester

Gettin’ buck at Sullivan’s, Gettin buck at GYPSY, memberships on deck, hustlin like I’m nipsey. Lookin cold like it’s nippy yall on my teet like it’s nipply, shit’s about pop like it’s pimply. It’s about to pop , spot’s hoppin’ like it’s Toads. Summertime swag teenagers , with them toes, with the rings on it, tucked into the Js. They bold, I’m bout to hit the studio and blaze. Maybe slap the gym, maybe spank the pool, maybe pinch the Whitney, cop DVDs act a fool. Maybe grab the tool and squeeze on yall denigrated peoples, in the canvas, like Kansas, my works bleed on yall denigrated peoples. But I’m bleary eyed now, still rubbin defeat on yall denigrated peoples. Maybe back to Toads…or get my eat on , winter spring summer fall denigrated peoples


Time management,
You work hard, play hard.
Hard Work pay off like my denigrated persondenigrated person Waka Flock said.

Get my party cuz I earned it, or just chill out and process my learnin, or I can exercise and push shit further either way it’s a fine night tonight
Track Name: hardest out
shuffle vs. jumpstyle
I’m the hardest out call me Meka Wojnarovicz. Oh shit’s are uttered watchin’ denigrated persons drip an ocean no Pollock effect. I’m haulin a tec [9/ hnique] to wreck sheets and cause an effect. Smashin jaws of effet esthetes. Kickin’ sorry denigrated persons to the curb: Jet Li. Skatin’ surfaces straight G.O.A.T. : Gretzky. Snipin’ yall denigrated persons whatever your will is: Wesley [Willis/Snipes]. If you ain’t read’ to go then you fuckin’ best be gettin’ ready. Resting on campus housing no teh Westin. Hardest out stretchin’ canvas one-handed, editing blindfolded, chroma masking like a bandint. God damn it I go H.A.M. : Mia [Hamm] way harder than mortar. You cookie crumble type cats is inaudible, see ya fuble, scumble over yer pieces. [You get] Haircuts at bumble and bumble, year-end thesis is feces. My pictures speak a thousand words, yours are hardly a mumble.
Track Name: i can't "belive"
Sometimes, I’m in the studio like I’m talking to myself. Whichch would be fine and Brandy, but then I gotta snap out of it and remember…I’m studying [exploring the intangible aspects of] being human. And if I feel this way I know theres other’s that do too. No slings and arrows, that’s the trajectory, ya smell me? Check your olfactory. Solo DOLO in this.
Whether I’m beating the canvas or bein’ with ‘em pantin’ pantsless, the solution decanted like oil ground separatin’ :mix it up. Gesoo easy: one stroke one coat fix it up . Enough of this egotist-type test of mettle. I’m reachin’ forward, no backfires when I test the metal. No gunfire I’m talkin that pH level. Rad cadmium a cherish’d wrist w/o the bezel. Gettin’ well-rounded without the bevel, the wrist is cherished cuz it lets me write and helps me fight the devil inside which I need to fight to be with an angel on Earth like you.
Track Name: i'll hold on
I’ll always be there for you: I’m the practice, I’m altered only by praxis. Pragmatics & new inspiration & nude inculcation & true consultations from worthy benefactors called peers. Not just those for sharin’ beers but those carin’ dears with whom you build a career: feloow travelers, bundle unravelers fightin’ fear of failure [taking] long walks off short piers no sailors or lifeguard. Sink or swim. Crawl, walk, and run. Defy odds and fly. Kissin’ clouds like “hi, God” or down to Earth “Why God” or not, maybe just cuddlin’ with your ipod or mp3 player no product placement. But temperance and endurance when your conduct’s facin’ scrutiny. False friendship mutiny, takin’ M out, switch around for UNITY, just you and me.
Love for the game not love for the fame keeps it goin’ hard like a bum in the rain. The hunger, the pain, the rungs, and the reins, held tight, failed fights run down the drain. What’s in a name x2 matters much less than what’s in the frame or what’s in a space matters much more than tongue spreadin’ shame. What’s in a space x2 matters much more than what kinda taste they have, who cries or laughs or can’t show their face at the show, or those that have to leave early yo.
Track Name: i'm flying remix
Because I just sent it off, pulled it out, rinsed it off. That was soft, this is hard, goin’ in the paint like bits of marble dust. Ardent rust flickin’ off the steel will. To get wetter than a slip-n-slide cuz criteria don’t trip or glide they’re ink monuments & u know the artist is one to make monuments indispensable as condiments on plain food items. Even if we’re the ones to hide ‘em.
NONE HIT WONDER. 2nd life in a studio, with other spaces carried with me. Not bound to architectural spaces strictly. Rockin’ plein-aire in my plain air maxes, custom matte black, pearlescent type lines the back. I find a cracked Windows OS and tos it, cuz i’m bossin in Finder windows. My keystrokes stay glossy. Refreshin’ windows, fresh as mint toes (jk) hi-flyin’ of wi-fi & goin’ where the wind goes, strong signals, hard like barthes signifiers. Makin’ the world hard for object, pixel, and pigment liars. The outlier’s average, best of the wildest [but I’m] no noble savage.
Track Name: just 4 fun
observation-based freestyle
Track Name: just be
We so effusive but we love it.
Holler at cutting 20 years off your lifespan for wearing gloves with no hands/hands with no gloves.
Track Name: keep the fire burning
“Keep the fire burning” whether you’re in higher learning or not. You have got, to keep your practice a flot. Oops! I mean “afloat” like a flotsam, because no one else can be so awesome. SXSW : austin northbynorthwest: hitchcock and everywhere between. I mean, you have got to stay mean, stay hungry. not always a literal hunger like Kafka[’s hunger artist short story], but you can let nothing stop you. Mobster-type persona, keep it on the low like pasta flames, but keep the flame rocking. click click click click comin off your stovetop and click click click click click comin off your desktop. Options: take stock of your options [and] know that it’s more than press releases and stock options. You have got to have the practice that will go paid or not:  the art world’s voyeurs, meaning they pay to watch. But you do it. [As] fluid as a fluid : [like] Gamsol, and y’all know you have got to keep your eye on your “cuts”: [like a] bandsaw with no guard. Go hard, “so far”, even without the “so good”. Quittin’ is no good. [you can] Hack it like old wood. Not an old hard wood though, You can’t be petrified like an old hardwood though. This is freestyle you know? [like] Cy Twombly. Hella sophisticated. AGGIN 
Track Name: art basel/ south beach rmx
full throttle in Basel Miami
Hoppin’ in the phantom vegetable oil Jeep looking handsome. Damn I’m killin em like Manson. I’m in a panel and they talking about the topics, I rock it like an anvil or a rocket  on Wile E. Coyote. I got slews of dudes and hoes tryin’ to know me, tryin’ to be my BB friend my habibti then, curate me me in to their shows G. I add ‘em on FB and afterwards I defriend them, and they add me again. It’s like the girl next door just got rich as hell, but it is still down to earth and sees you by the wishing well.
Track Name: spend the night
love of work or works of love?
Peace to Kierkegaard
Track Name: deadline (technoboy rmx)
it’s comin’ close to the deadline: see the end like the beginning of a breadline where you see a friend. 
it’s bedtime for y’all … BYE auf wiedersen, I’m makin’ headlines on yall : FLY: see me descend.  Pushin’ hard like a litho stone on a ramp with no frickin’ cart. we pull it, like a pulley. simple machines for getting the green grant money or fully fellowship. well i rip it either way like Ripperton when someone says that she cant sing. You can’t say that on television: slimin’ y’all denigrated persons, the piece in union square, a climbin’ row of figures. We’re major, regardless of major, no catch 22 major major stranger danger. The only danger is not getting this in on time.
Track Name: tell the truth
observation-based freestyle
Track Name: trace ting rmx
no need for galleries, I'm pushin squares from the studio like security i'm pushin squares from the studio. my art is mondo even with a tondo like gorge in the jungle but i ain't george condo.
MILTON Glaser for how I engrave your mind images like os x screen savers i'm on grind so hard i need 10 screen savers and a replacement touchpad.cuz there's no cheap labor. jumping right past the auctionhouse into Border's art store aka the Guggenheim, they're on my jock because I'm true to art who takes a percent? managers can't manage me I have a whole team for managing my copyleft and my by proxy yesmen are reading XXL's Freshment, Artforum, Frieze, and Flash Art, I'm breezing past hard in the paint with a glass car and no fear. My flow offensive to all senses: nasty: STABBING ROBOT love for no cops but I got a tape to go cop.
I turn the heat on in spaces like space heaters in places
inhabited by the elderly, they say to hell with me and go up in blazes
I go down in a blaze of glory, flow's like a flaming corpse, no ghostwritten, you can't ignore me.
I turn the heat on in spaces like space heaters in places
inhabited by the elderly before it goes up in blazes, because of the blankets with my faces appliqued, laying right over the heaters when they hit the hay and they say, "I love that young man".
Who makes the internet worth exploring ignoring porn?
It's me!
Turn it backwards and kick a G-d but my name ain't Soren [Kierkegaard].
Pieces so big you need a loft to see um
A Gagosian, or a spot in a museum
No teflon don, iIm the king of glycene
so you know the work i move is quite clean.
league's poison ivy, painting with visine,
glazes that make my paintings white in high-beams
hit the play button again if you don't get what I mean.
Track Name: water
I’m poppin’ like gouache but ain’t stopping like gouache sans gum arabic and water, tell your son and your daughter.
Do I need assts. do I need an intern? My practice has grown do I need a mentor’s consultation, do they speak from observation or ideology. Do I owe an apology to anyone for how I kill these artworks? 1st degree, 2nd degree, I won’t bow down (kowtow) for puttin’ art first. Because the worthy come right after. Joke first, then laughter…awkward silence , pregnant pause, and then laughter. Extraordinary rendition of old masters, and I break the chain.
You’re not gonna water me down to fit your frame, picture frame/tv safe, plex’ display. No pigment shame. Indelible in mobile phase.
Track Name: you say
{ad-libbing in an empathetic way with a bit of biographical information concerning my father}
Lurking in the doldrums, trying to find a fulcrum to launch wit, food for thought no paunches, for thought tight haunches that make rhythm. Through art you forgive ‘em mind wandering stopped by creative bnlocks, but they’re just glass walls, the kind shattered  by rocks of determination. TI motivation, DK dedication, and if you get loose, papoose thugacation: Carter G. Woodson (the Miseducation of the Negro)
Track Name: circles
same old cats same kind of critical approach or lack thereof, i need some new eyes on the work. not that i don’t value what the usual suspects have to say…unless I don’t.  Billy…shave that stupid mustache and shut the hell up. When my practice starts to grow like dollar store sponge dinosaurs and sea monkeys, you won’t be invited to it. Donald Judd is not the end all be all, ya feel me? Oh wait, no you don’t, and you never will, because you’re too busy trying to make your lower intestine into a triangular prism with polished bar stock two-way mirrored plexi and expansion foam to keep it current. ravin’ on flavin’
really i’m not trying to give you all this airtime…you don’t even exist really. I’m just saying i’d love to have a fresh opinion on it…maybe an architect…or one of the sanitation workers I run into and trade mixtapes with…yeah I wonder what they’d have to say about it…maybe I’ll call up my lil sis…
Track Name: enemy of the state
Underground network, {freestyle} enemy of the state [like] critical art ensemble. i don’t fumble, i don’t fondle, i don’t bumble, i speak loud and i don’t need to mumble.
Rub art the wrong way it hurts believe, I got hope like Steve Kurtz. No wavering
on Waverly [pl.] nor westward or eastbound, I got a secret body of work like “look what we found!” is what the art historians will say after I “bite the dust” not “hit the hay”.
Ayyyyy! Actually I’ll be a diamond like [Jill] Magid, yes it’s so you know that I’ll always be shinin, even with government’s declinin my pride’s in human beings not the country they reside in. I serve them vis-a-vis exploring what’s inside me and how my mind processes the things on the side and in the front in the back. No i ain’t reclining, i’m designing, and it shouldn’t be a crime when i’m pushing understandings to help us understand things, but it’s not a perfect world, like i see coattail-riders shining.
solo game
no team
all me like [Jackie] Joyner-Kersee
or Usain [Bolt] 

I’m runnin this [picture]plane, flyer than a plane, higher than a plain sack of grade A lapis lazuli to the dome. I bring the paint to its home [with] no Glidden [and] no format forbidden. Hold up, wait a minute.

 paintin pictures… paintin scriptures.
GOT YOU denigrated peoples NERVOUS

ha ha YOU DUCK
cmon step your game up
can you run a crit? can out run a click? [handgun sound effect]

Leavin’ y’all stained like fabric. Helen (maverick.) Frankenthaler, goin harder and to the death/deaf like [Helen] Keller. Badness. No leather jacket, but MJ [Michael Jordan + Michael Jackson] type magic. And [I mean] the one who beat AIDS [Magic Johnson] I don’t no need one, no I don’t need aides. {adlibbing} Reframe reframe. 
Track Name: one more chance
BASED freestyle peace to structuralist filmmakers
Track Name: strange
this whole record’s free-write or freestyle. these raps are contour lines not punchlines…but best believe i get it crackin at crunch time
the avant-garde comes form the streets, it’s analyzed by the academy, and then sold back  to us like a bag of cheetos, fritos, doritos, sleight of hand like whatta we know? plenty

I think  I may be treading new ground, it feels uncomfortable but all the same in the frame the skills demonstrable. the demon’s trouble cuz the devil’s in the details and there are no details just big pictures seen in ways thought impossible. the skill’s in the grit, the hunger, the perseverance, the hope of rewriting from holy writ and facing the interference head-on like putting your bedhead on for a job interview but with a clean body, new clothes,confident walk and dead-on right answers. the work says you don’t get it, and then you say you’re dead wrong. and it smiles. just keep pushing, carting art supplies uphill for miles just keep pushing  
Track Name: light up
Find books by Norman Sanders.