17k freestyle prod. by L​.​A Beatz

by Devin KKenny



we livin life in clips and loops, in snips and truths that we know are just kidding but really. kill me appliqué on a black and grey snapback:
that's that, fast facts from fastweb. i'm past that. rap's that thang that always ain't in session. teachers are underpaid so we gotta find a lesson
elsewhere . healthcare from dark web tutorials: oreo in milk or silk soymilk, so you know i am exploring all options outside of pimpin hoes and whippin Os no orioles.
single or double click you don't know who you fuckin with : stratagems from the gloryhole cut into a history book with fan sub concoctions. i often give the feeling like "whew, I think we lost em" the mystery took from Clinton up until today,
until the day breaks i'm just a thrill away.
hard work
hard word hard word
retired redbird
art murdered it's own potential.
gone in the rental
pimpin my skills out to get a dental plan
for rhodium fronts and rental vans full of death grips, monae, and thelonious monk fans with or without tans and mental plans that may or may not involve
being favorable/sexual/play it all.


1 , 2, check it all the time
i'm feel in i'm serious as cancer so i damn sure better make sure
man your former favorite is way behind
1 , 2, check it all the time
i'm feel in i'm serious as cancer so i damn sure better make sure
man your former favorite is way behind
my my my my my

my rhyme climate control
makin it hot when it's cold ; makin it not then it froze right on the perfect moment.
dissensus from my sentence: it is what i try to foment .
foaming at the mouth, not a rabid style , but it's extra clean
so the foam is from protection,choppers slop on listerine.
yes cuz she and me can both be boppers for one other.
get an oscar tatted on the small of your back for that performance
or maybe an AVN  baby and them endorphins is on me.
i'm hongry and hangry i'm gangrened from overexposure to crazy
links i think unlike Christopher Dorner
bald faced lies fly over like a D R O N E i'm the O N E
cracking smartphones till you notice the
themes and leitmotifs details and keywords
we heard something over that loud weed sir
we heard something over that bad bitch clapping
but i don't
remember what it was cuz it wasn't rappin'
i got past them faux-wavy ones
when i was last in the free lunch line.
T H R I V E.
why? cuz they say they are 11 but really aint even past ten
I 187 whenever I'm rappin'.
hey say they are 11 but ain't even past ten, we're future perfect , they're past tense


released May 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Devin KKenny New York

for booking or more information : devin.kenny@gmail.com
Devin Kenny is an interdisciplinary artist
LA/NYC/??? working in several mediums and in collaboration with a number of artist groups.

‘Devin KKenny’ is a musical alias that seeks to explore issues of sociopolitical import and formal inquiry as they exist within the world of musical recording and performing.
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