Dumdum Freestyle prod. by BAAUER

by Devin KKenny



it's too easy too breezy the sound blasting past my larynx be that queasy ill- easy kill-
ceiling to floor viral real sickness/// it's ridiculous it's Devin KKenny it's it's

no one else is near comparison call me the breast as i take the RA out that's buried in between
and let the kids glee fully express and explore  with things you need a belt?
flame,knife, mirror, straw, or spoon to enjoy?  nah

that's a metaphor
better or worse i'm getting my verse split or dispersed
through the ether and you cursed yourself and spurt on shelves like that kid from the squid and whale so set sail cuz hell's always a got vacancy and i'm a broker. fuck vagrancy fuck fake MCs and real rappers

i run over with tractors blog actors and peace to ezsnipe geeks my feast makes y'all yeasties queef indeed, beatin up the frame with the whole package, old rappins float away like landfills with seagulls, D culls the most mass monstrous, posthumous live learning disability made into ability fine lyrics to grind spirits break acrylics or make acrylics look like like oil toil all you want on disregard hopping out HER car
 then i pop my roof wet like wonton soup y'all looking salty as Jafar from afar or salty as the earth from a farm no monsanto. man don't make me give yo hoe a scar rototiller faux or realer rarer than madagascar no mascara. man a gas car's looking like an ancient era, when my people are on back to the future hover boards float in over terra infirma  y'all oversized chains looking like fuckin cords trying to keep you plugged in , cuz they ain't got no core, no charge, no gore, no lard, they ain't got nothing so they aint killin' SHIT SORRY.


released May 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Devin KKenny New York

for booking or more information : devin.kenny@gmail.com
Devin Kenny is an interdisciplinary artist
LA/NYC/??? working in several mediums and in collaboration with a number of artist groups.

‘Devin KKenny’ is a musical alias that seeks to explore issues of sociopolitical import and formal inquiry as they exist within the world of musical recording and performing.
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